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Hi!, I'm a representative of the Dzogchen community UK Blue Gakyil. I'm the moderator of this here 'Dzog Blog'. We are very keen to have your participation on the blog, so please comment or please contact me if you have any ideas for the Blog that you would like to share!

Scott Diamond of the International Gakyil writes

This is a brief outline of the relationship of the UK Dzogchen Community’s Gakyil with the International Gakyil of the International Dzogchen Community. The International Gakyil is intended to support and encourage the activities of local Gakyils that take responsibility for the International Dzogchen Community. Providing oversight and connection between the many Lings and [...]

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Alexander Studholme reviews “The Spiritual Odyssey of Freda Bedi” by Naomi Levine

Norma Levine has continually mined the experience of her own life in the dharma to become one of our foremost chroniclers and interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism’s entry into the modern world. Like many of the Americans and Europeans drawn irrevocably into the orbit of the Tibetan lamas, the turning point in her life appears [...]

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Winter Karma Yoga at Kunselling by Penny Stirling

Penny manifesting as a Karma Yogini Winter karma yoga was a real pleasure to attend. A group of enthusiastic and talented yogis turned up on Sunday evening, all ready for action and Rowan, Stephie and Rose were there already and had prepared a delicious venison stew. Rowan decorated the shrine room, with Cindy helping. [...]

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Mandarava in Baja – the End

I hope my descriptions of Tsegyalgar West have conveyed the strong connection I made with the place and people of this Gar in the far West. I hope to inspire others to make the long journey to Baja California to visit and take advantage of the unique opportunities the Land of the Supreme Peak [...]

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Harmonious Breathing Course by Ewa Michalec

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.”   Sanskrit proverb   Marco Baseggio led a workshop on Harmonious Breathing at the London Centre of the UK Dzogchen Community, Lekdanling. Marco has been studying and teaching Yantra Yoga for more than 20 years and is also a qualified [...]

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Update on Relationship with the IDC

At our Annual General Meeting this year in early November there was an enquiry as to the details of the UK Dzogchen Community's relationship with the International Gakyil of the Dzogchen Community. As a Member of the Blue Gakyil and therefore leading on communication, I set about researching what is the up-to-date situation. Several [...]

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