Dzogchen Community Membership


The Dzogchen Community UK is a non-profit making organization registered as a Charity (charity #1019101). The life of the Community and Kunselling are vital and unique resources for the survival of the Teachings and the development of our practice. Apart from specific fund raising activities, we rely on membership fees and generous donations for all of our running costs and overheads.

Those people who feel that they want to make a more concrete commitment and contribution to the community can apply for membership. When you become a member of the U.K. community part of your subscription goes towards supporting Merigar in Italy, which is our nearest ‘Gar’. In this way the monies raised support all the activities of the community, both in the U.K. and worldwide. Members also receive free newsletters and copies of the Mirror as well as get discounts on the cost of teaching and practice retreats. In order to participate in many Community activities, including the use of Kunselling as a retreat facility, membership is required.

Members receive voting rights at AGM’s and EGM’s after 3 full and continuous years of membership.

All retreats and courses at our retreat facility ‘Kunselling’ and many other events require membership.

To apply for membership, please contact the Membership Secretary

Click here to read Principles of the Dzogchen Community

International Community Data Protection policy – read this link

Details of subscription and membership:

Membership of the Dzogchen Community in the UK includes membership and benefits of Merigar (our Western European Gar in Italy). Lesser discounts are also available to Merigar members attending retreats in other parts of the world. Our membership is governed by Merigar. One of the ways in which Merigar raises revenues in order to provide webcast infrastructure, publications archives and the many other community facilities of the Gar is to raise revenue from all of the Lings in Western Europe.

The membership year starts on January 1st (and runs until 31st December). We offer the facility of a monthly standing order but we ask everybody to make a commitment to pay for at least 12 months. If you are joining during the year and you want to pay your membership annually please contact the Membership Secretary.