Dzogchen Community Membership - Rates and Benefits 2019

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Membership of the Dzogchen Community is both our commitment to the teachings as well as practice of our generosity. To be a member means to contribute to the support of the Community, which aims to promote the opportunity to meet and practice the Dzogchen Teaching as transmitted by our precious Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Through membership fee sharing you contribute to the life of your Ling, your Gar, and the International Community.

Membership of the Dzogchen Community in the UK includes membership and benefits of Merigar (our Western European Gar in Italy). Lesser discounts are also available to Merigar members attending retreats in other parts of the world. Our membership is governed by Merigar. One of the ways in which Merigar raises revenues in order to provide webcast infrastructure, publications archives and the many other community facilities of the Gar is to raise revenue from all of the Lings in Western Europe.

The membership year starts on January 1st (and runs until 31st December). We offer the facility of a monthly standing order but we ask everybody to make a commitment to pay for at least 12 months. If you are joining during the year and you want to pay your membership annually please contact the Membership Secretary. Currently a 45% proportion of each members dues FOR THE ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP YEAR is required to be paid to Merigar. This means that if a member joins later in the year the UK Community still needs to pay a full 45% of their 12 months membership fees to Merigar.

To encourage new members (an individual who has not been a member before) to join up, the UK Community allows a special late join date of 1st June. We ask all members to make a commitment to the full (Jan-Dec) calendar year for subsequent years. New members are admitted as “Welcome Members”. The aspiring member pays the same amount and enjoys the same benefits of membership for three years, even though he/she is not yet listed in the members register of the International Dzogchen Community and thus does not have the respective rights and duties. After regularly paying the Welcome Membership for 3 years, one can become an active member of the Merigar Dzogchen Community and will receive voting rights as well as opportunity to be a member of the Gakyil.

The majority of retreats and courses at our retreat facility ‘Kunselling’ and many other events require membership.


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Member Type Annual Fee European Retreat discounts Personal Retreat Accommodation Teaching Retreats ** Kunselling Group Practice Retreats Other Benefits
Global Meritorious £1,330 100%*, free retreat cabins at Merigar free £5 free Free copies of Shang Shung ebooks,

Mirror online + download, special gift.

Global Sustaining £440 80%* £7/day £10/day £7/day Mirror online + download
Ordinary £108 Standard rate applies £10/day £12/day £10/day Mirror online + download
KSL Package £168 Standard rate applies £7/day £10/day £7/day Mirror online + download
Non Member N/A None; not a Merigar member N/A £22/day*** N/A N/A

* Except courses organized by the Shang Shung Institute, Santi Maha Sangha exams and
training, Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance Teacher
** Taught retreats include additional fees for teachers’ expenses and food.
*** Non-members including Friends of Kunselling can only access specific open events or
courses at Kunselling.

Other Notes:

  • Winter Heating Charge at Kunselling: An extra charge of ₤2/day will be added to the cost of retreats between 1st October and 31st March.
  • Dark Retreat Cabin: the dark retreat cabin is £12/night for ordinary members and £10/night for all other members.
  • All UK Members get access to the Mirror online and the Merigar Letter online, basic membership of the Shang Shung Institute, audio access to webcasts, free Dzogchen Journal and UK Events booklet and other mail outs.
  • Friends of Kunselling get the Dzogchen Journal and the UK events booklet.