About Amely Becker

Amely is a long term Dzogchen practitioner who has moved to Dzamlingar to be with the Master.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu arrives in Dzamlingar!

Saturday 23rd September 2017:- Rinpoche and Rosa arrived in Dzamlingar on Saturday around 2.30pm and he was greeted by many people. As his journey started very early in the morning Rinpoche and Rosa quickly ascended to their apartment which was completely overhauled and renewed for them. The Dzamlingar sangha have worked day and night [...]

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Preparation for Rinpoche’s arrival in Dzamlingar

Wednesday 20th September: Preparation for Rinpoche’s arrival in Dzamlingar on Saturday We are tangibly buzzing in Dzamlingar. Excited about Rinpoche’s imminent arrival on Saturday afternoon we are activated and getting very busy. The Cafeteria is being cleaned and upgraded. A host of second hand chairs have arrived as a donation which need to be [...]

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