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29 01, 2021

An Overview of our Online Activities.

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There are a number of methods & platforms which the Dzogchen Community UK uses for communication, co-ordination & socialising on the net. It can seem complicated & it might seem that there is unnecessary duplication, but since I have been in this role I have realised that this is a strength; our sangha members prefer a variety of media & it is good to be able to provide them. It can also be said that some media are better suited to certain functions than others. So in this blog I'm going to list them all so that you can get an overview & make informed choices about which you'd like to use. 1. The Web Pages You're reading them! Our web pages at https://dzogchencommunityuk.org/ include the blog for which this article was written. They were designed by Peter White & they run on Wordpress. I am currently the web master of the site. They comprise mostly what are called "static pages," that is pages which the reader does not really interact with, providing information [...]

11 05, 2020

Beyond the Sky – Space, by Helen Storey de Espinoza

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Dear Vajra Family, I am finding this so hard to write, but I decided that it was very important to me to do it. So I have decided to follow the advice I have sometimes given others: just blurt it out, there's no right way to say it. So here goes…. I have got a type of motor neurone disease - bulbar-onset motor neurone disease to be precise, not your common or garden variety. I can't pronounce Ahhh. I can't sing the Song of the Vajra. In fact I can't speak at all anymore, though I can make sounds - vocalisations, they call them - which even my nearest and dearest can rarely make out. It's very hard to swallow as well. But I can walk along the lane and still climb the stairs. And I'm still able to type. For a while, long before I was aware of any symptoms, when I was quietly singing the Song of the Vajra in the early morning, sadness would arise in me and tears would flow. I [...]

28 11, 2019

Hail & Welcome!

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Greetings everyone, I am Barry Patterson the new moderator of the Dzog Blog & new Blue Gakyil member. First of all, what a great channel & source for inspiration, news & ideas this blog has become under the guidance & moderation of Jane Weston. She has worked hard & has put a lot of time & love into making this place such a special outlet, nay, meeting place for the many voices which may be heard in our community. Many thanks & much praise to her for a great job, well done. I hope that I will be a worthy successor.

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