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Hi!, I’m a representative of the Dzogchen community UK Blue Gakyil specialising in media strategy.

Remembering Rinpoche – Unborn yet continuing without interruption – A Poem and aspiration

Although it's not within my experience to speak of even a fraction of the scope of Rinpoche's outer activity, I wrote some words attempting to mimic the style of other supplications and aspirations I've read in the past. I wrote it with the intention of drawing up some inspiration and raising lung-ta for my own [...]

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James Low’s recent teachings at Lekdanling

On the weekend of the 20-21st Jan, James Low gave a teaching at our London centre, Lekdanling. The weekend was preceded by an SSIUK lecture on the same topic, 'Who am I? Buddhist approaches to the mystery of me being me’.   As usual, James led an exploration of the central themes of Buddhism followed [...]

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