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Hi!, I'm a representative of the Dzogchen community UK Blue Gakyil. I'm the moderator of this here 'Dzog Blog'. We are very keen to have your participation on the blog, so please comment or please contact me if you have any ideas for the Blog that you would like to share!

Julian Chase remembers Rinpoche

Magic Circle Feels like it’s time to pull out the notes from my pilgrimage last year to say farewell to our precious Master. Our collective year of mourning and reflection following Rinpoche's passing has now ended: in the random personal reflections offered below I have no wish to intrude upon that nor to speak [...]

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New Member for the Blue Gakyil UK

Jane Weston is stepping down from the Gakyil at the next AGM and we need someone to replace her on Blue.  The following Job Description outlines what she has been doing for the last three years but of course there is room for flexibility to reflect the skills any new person could bring to [...]

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Dance of the Song of the Vajra at Kunselling

Our retreat in June was a perfect opportunity to join together as a group to dance the Song of the Vajra and practise the Long Mandarava and Short Mandarava and Mandarava Ganapuja rites.  These photographs give just a flavour of the experience... Nine Breathings AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EMAKIRIKIRI MASHTAVALIVALI KUTALIMASUMASU [...]

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The Importance of Santi Maha Sangha

REFRESHING THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SANTI MAHA SANGHA   Now that spring has arrived, it feels like a good time to refresh in our minds the importance of theSanti Maha Sangha.  The Santi Maha Sangha training is a programme of study and practice created by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1992. The words: ‘Santi Maha [...]

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A poem by Glen Desmier

This is a poem I wrote about Namkhai Norbu based around three poems of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche; In the expanse of the sky No matter how long the room’s been dark, an hour or a million years, The moment the lamp of awareness is lit, the darkness disappears. In the expanse of the sky, [...]

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Report from the Red Gakyil to the AGM 2018

The new year began with a session of Karma Yoga leading up to Losar in February.  It is traditional to clean and clear out before Losar, and this year the week before Losar coincided with half term.  We had two gorgeous teenage dakinis present and many of the Kunselling management group, all with good [...]

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Information about the Mirror by Liz Granger

Many of you may already be familiar with The Mirror, originally the newspaper of the International Dzogchen Community. The printed newspaper started back in 1991 and continued up until the end of 2013 when, due to printing and mailing costs, the newspaper was forced to do its last print run. The Mirror continued to [...]

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