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Hi!, I'm a representative of the Dzogchen community UK Blue Gakyil. I'm the moderator of this here 'Dzog Blog'. We are very keen to have your participation on the blog, so please comment or please contact me if you have any ideas for the Blog that you would like to share!

Remembering Rinpoche by Candida Wright

The following are some words taken from an article I wrote for the Mirror titled; “How I Met Chogyal Namkhai Norbu”.  I feel they sum up my experience meeting Rinpoche while on my first retreat to Merigar in Sept/Oct 2008: When I arrived for the first evening of the teachings at Merigar I [...]

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The Dance that Benefits Beings by Julia Ranger

I had a wonderful weekend recently at Kunselling - my first time there and my first ever Vajra dance workshop. The farmhouse was charming, cosy and peaceful. Rose cooked lovely healthy meals and worked so hard as did Stephie, the whole time looking  after us all and making the whole thing run smoothly.  Well [...]

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A New Regime at Kunselling, by Rose Lewis

Health and Safety hits Kunselling The Community received quite a shock back in February of this year when we had a visit from Powys Health and Safety during the karma yoga retreat. We knew they were coming, as it was a new requirement of our insurers, and we frantically gave the kitchen a thorough [...]

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Mandarava and Dance Retreat by Jane Weston

We recently completed a group practice retreat of the Dakini Mandarava and the Vajra Dance at Kunselling.  About a dozen practitioners participated at various times and we were blessed with superb weather – hot sun and clear blue skies which are ideal for practising sky gazing and the Tsogthig breathing which Rinpoche has taught [...]

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