Report from the Red Gakyil to the AGM 2018

The new year began with a session of Karma Yoga leading up to Losar in February.  It is traditional to clean and clear out before Losar, and this year the week before Losar coincided with half term.  We had two gorgeous teenage dakinis present and many of the Kunselling management group, all with good [...]

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Information about the Mirror by Liz Granger

Many of you may already be familiar with The Mirror, originally the newspaper of the International Dzogchen Community. The printed newspaper started back in 1991 and continued up until the end of 2013 when, due to printing and mailing costs, the newspaper was forced to do its last print run. The Mirror continued to [...]

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Remembering Rinpoche by Candida Wright

The following are some words taken from an article I wrote for the Mirror titled; “How I Met Chogyal Namkhai Norbu”.  I feel they sum up my experience meeting Rinpoche while on my first retreat to Merigar in Sept/Oct 2008: When I arrived for the first evening of the teachings at Merigar I [...]

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The Dance that Benefits Beings by Julia Ranger

I had a wonderful weekend recently at Kunselling - my first time there and my first ever Vajra dance workshop. The farmhouse was charming, cosy and peaceful. Rose cooked lovely healthy meals and worked so hard as did Stephie, the whole time looking  after us all and making the whole thing run smoothly.  Well [...]

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