Vajra Dance at Kunselling – August 2018

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Dance Practice Week was a delight again this August.  Every year, many of the old hand dancers gather with newcomers to practise all of the Vajra Dances that Rinpoche has taught us in the delightful surroundings of Kunselling. The families of the dancers are welcome and something I particularly enjoy is seeing the children.  I have seen them grow up from little girls (unfortunately no petit pawos in this cohort) who delighted in putting on plays and doing finger painting to sophisticated young females with whom one can discuss the latest short haircuts and TV shows.  I usually only meet them once a year so the changes are really marked for me, whereas their parents probably only see a sort of seamless development and wake up one day to find they have flown the nest! We were quite a big group with over twenty people at some points and I was trying to combine a dance retreat with practicing dream yoga which requires setting some wake up alarms in the early hours, so I [...]