Lekdanling (Tibetan for “place of good fortune”) is a Tibetan cultural centre located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Hackney, East London. Dedicated to the study of the human mind, self-development and inner understanding.

Lekdanling in London is now open for collective practice, following the government guidelines for places of worship. We estimate that there could be 12 people in Lekdanling whilst preserving a 2m social distance. There is now an ongoing program of Ganapujas & Vajra Dance. These have been sent out by email & will appear on the Events Diary soon.

If you are attending Lekdanling, please follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a safe distance from others;
  • Adhere to basic hygiene & keep spaces clean;
  • Wear a face covering;
  • Follow the instructions of the event facilitator.

Please address enquiries about Lekdanling to Lekdanling Manager Ewa Michalec.

Lekdanling has its own website — click me!


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