In order to enter the practice of Dzogchen, one needs to receive direct transmission from a qualified Dzogchen master. The Master introduces the student to their real state, and then the student practices to find themselves again in that state. Without transmission, the practice does not work.

At present we are in a period of one year of mourning which is traditional when a great Master passes away. During this period nothing is being confirmed about the future of the transmission but we will hopefully be able to provide some more precise guidance for newcomers once this period is over.

The Shang Shung Institute UK ( is running open courses, some of which form a good base for the Dzogchen path. In particular Yantra Yoga and Open Vajra Dance courses which are also a complete path in their own right..

The Dzogchen Community UK runs Santi Maha Sangha base level trainings which are open to those who have not yet received the transmission.

Our community is not closed and newcomers are very welcome to attend these while the situation evolves.


The UK Dzogchen Community and the Shang Shung Institute UK


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