The starting point for the practice of Dzogchen is to receive direct introduction or transmission from a realised teacher. Transmission is the means by which the teacher introduces us in a direct way to the true nature of our mind, our primordial state, or Rigpa in Tibetan. Since the passing of our teacher Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (1932–2018), his son Yeshi Silvano Namkhai is bestowing transmission. He will give his next teaching retreat in Merigar, our centre in rural Tuscany in Italy, from 20 to 27 June 2024. People may also attend this teaching and receive transmission via webcast. Registration has now started. For further details visit the Merigar website.

But newcomers can still get started before receiving transmission. You can attend teachings and courses given by the many qualified instructors of the Dzogchen Community. And you can begin to engage in the practices we have, in the company of other community members. There is a rolling programme of events and gatherings, online and at our two centres Kunselling in rural Wales and Lekdanling in Hackney, East London. For the latest information, view our events calendar, and sign up for our newsletter.

More teachings and practices of the International Dzogchen Community are available online, and some of these may be suitable for newcomers. These include courses presented by two of our most experienced instructors, Igor Berkhin and Steven Landsberg.

If you have any questions on how to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us using the enquiries form.

Lotus flower to welcome newcomers