In the Dzogchen Teaching sound and movement are very important because they are the means to integrate oneself into the state of contemplation. The Vajra Dance is principally a means to harmonize the energy of each individual. If one has a more profound knowledge of the meaning of the Dance, it becomes a method for integrating the three existences of body, voice and mind into knowledge of the state of contemplation. This integration is one of the most important aims of a Dzogchen practitioner. The Vajra Dance is practised on a Mandala which represents the correspondence between the internal dimension of the individual and the outer dimension of the world.

Our UK Teacher

Cindy Faulkner: became a student of the Vajra Dance and Chögyal Namkai Norbu in 1996. She has been authorised to teach Vajra Dance since 2005.

Dance Courses

There are 4 Dances: The Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings, The Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra, The Vajra Dance of the three Vajra and The Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space. Some courses are aimed more at beginners and some for more experienced dancers. We also hold dance practice retreats, mainly in the summer months at Kunselling, either with or without the presence of a teacher.


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