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Member Type Annual Fee European Retreat discounts Personal Retreat Accommodation Teaching Retreats ** Kunselling Group Practice Retreats Other Benefits
Global Meritorious £1,330 100%*, free retreat cabins at Merigar free £7 free Mirror online + download
Special gift.
Global Sustaining £440 80%* £9/day £12/day £9/day Mirror online + download
Ordinary £108 Standard rate applies £12/day £14/day £12/day Mirror online + download
KSL Package £168 Standard rate applies £9/day £12/day £9/day Mirror online + download
Elderly Member £10 Standard rate applies £12/day £14/day £12/day Mirror online + download
Non Member N/A None, not a Merigar member £25/day*** £27/day*** £25/day*** N/A

* Except courses organized by the Shang Shung Institute, Santi Maha Sangha exams and
training, Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance Teacher
** Taught retreats include additional fees for teachers’ expenses and food.
*** Non-members including Friends of Kunselling can only access specific open events or
courses at Kunselling.

Other Notes:

  • Winter Heating Charge at Kunselling: An extra charge of ₤4 to £10/day will be added to the cost of retreats between 1st September and 30th April . If one person is using the heating and the wood, it should be £10 per day, 2 people £5, 3 or more £4.
  • Dark Retreat Cabin: the dark retreat cabin is £12/night for ordinary members and £10/night for all other members.
  • All UK Members get access to the Mirror online and the Merigar Letter online, basic membership of the Shang Shung Institute, audio access to webcasts and UK Events booklet and other mail outs.
  • Friends of Kunselling get the same benefits as Ordinary Members with a reduction on rates at Kunselling.
  • Elderly Members get the same benefits as Ordinary Members: you must be over 75 & have been a fully paid member of the community for the last six years.
  • Sponsored Members: members with serious financial or health difficulties can apply to the Gakyil for possible sponsorship as an ordinary member. Please write to the Membership Secretary for more information giving details of your circumstances.