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Many of you may already be familiar with The Mirror, originally the newspaper of the International Dzogchen Community. The printed newspaper started back in 1991 and continued up until the end of 2013 when, due to printing and mailing costs, the newspaper was forced to do its last print run.

The Mirror continued to exist online, however, at, publishing Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s teachings, programs, and projects, as well as news from the SSI, ASIA, and the international Gars around the world.

Over the last couple of years we have managed to set up sister websites to the English language website so that Dzogchen Community members and the interested public around the world can read our news items in Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish

But most importantly, we’d like to let you know that The Mirror is still being printed – although in magazine format, rather than newspaper – 4 times a year. After we were obliged to stop printing the newspaper, there was a pause for a year, during which many people felt it essential to return to producing a paper edition of The Mirror as it had become a sort of archive and history of the DC around the world. Without a paper edition, the history of many events and developments was simply being lost in a digital world.

In December 2014, we produced our first full colour 40 page magazine. We switched to magazine A4 format because printing costs were lower than those for newspapers and more easily available. We print 4 times a year with March, June, September, and December issues.

So to sum up, if you like to read The Mirror online it is available in pdf format free for downloading for Dzogchen Community members at You will have to register on the website first. Once you have downloaded it, if you wish you can print it on a home printer since it is A4 format.

If you prefer to read paper copy we’re trying to organise a small bulk mailing to the UK so that it can be distributed there. For example, if 15 or 20 people would like to receive paper copy, we could get the copies to Lekdanling from where they could be distributed. An issue costs 5 pounds – we have a very small print run, in full colour – and mailing within the UK would be additional.

If you are interested in receiving paper copies of The Mirror or have suggestions please write to and we can try to organise to get copies to you.

At the moment, copies of the last 2 issues are available at the Lekdanling bookshop, so you can pick up copies when you are at the Ling.

2811, 2019

Hail & Welcome!

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Greetings everyone, I am Barry Patterson the new moderator of the Dzog Blog & new Blue Gakyil member. First of all, what a great channel & source for inspiration, news & ideas this blog has become under the guidance & moderation of Jane Weston. She has worked hard & has put a lot of time & love into making this place such a special outlet, nay, meeting place for the many voices which may be heard in our community. Many thanks & much praise to her for a great job, well done. I hope that I will be a worthy successor.

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