Chogyal Namkhai Norbu arrives in Dzamlingar!

Saturday 23rd September 2017:-

Rinpoche and Rosa arrived in Dzamlingar on Saturday around 2.30pm and he was greeted by many people. As his journey started very early in the morning Rinpoche and Rosa quickly ascended to their apartment which was completely overhauled and renewed for them.

The Dzamlingar sangha have worked day and night to bring about this transformation

I have been told that both are very happy with their new home here at Dzamlingar!

For all those interested in keeping up with developments at Dzamlingar on a day to day basis there is a Facebook group:

‘Dzamling Gar Dzogchen Community’

It’s a closed group but if you are connected with the Master and Teachings you can answer the questions they ask and join.

2811, 2019

Hail & Welcome!

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Greetings everyone, I am Barry Patterson the new moderator of the Dzog Blog & new Blue Gakyil member. First of all, what a great channel & source for inspiration, news & ideas this blog has become under the guidance & moderation of Jane Weston. She has worked hard & has put a lot of time & love into making this place such a special outlet, nay, meeting place for the many voices which may be heard in our community. Many thanks & much praise to her for a great job, well done. I hope that I will be a worthy successor.

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About the Author:

Amely is a long term Dzogchen practitioner who has moved to Dzamlingar to be with the Master.

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