Kunselling May Celebration

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Kunselling May Celebration

Kunselling May Celebration

Free Accommodation

Saturday 11th May to Sunday 19th May 2024

In May 2024, the UK Dzogchen Community will make the final mortgage payment on our beautiful retreat centre Kunselling – and own the property outright. To celebrate this great achievement, we are inviting all our members to a week of practice, and of being together as a community.

Accommodation for all members will be free

Our Santi Maha Sangha teacher Julia Lawless and our Vajra Dance teacher Cindy Faulkner will be there to lead practices – Sang, Tara, Vajra Dance and Mandarava – and to answer questions.

Ganapuja at 6.30pm on Saturday 18th May – Guru Rinpoche Day

We are also planning yantra yoga, khaita dance, talks, a film evening, mani-stone carving, music, gardening, cake, a vision quest for the future of Kunselling, ….. and anything else people suggest or request.

Cost of food – suggested donation £15 a day for breakfast, lunch and supper – and please let us know if you can help with cooking.

Please contact Caroline Martin for bookings and let her know your suggestions or requests.

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