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Tai Chi retreat with Jan Golden

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to be hosting a Tai Chi weekend at Kunselling – with Dzogchen Community member Jan Golden – on 10th and 11th of Febuery 2024.
Both days: 10am-12noon, 3:30-5:30pm.

Accommodation per day £12 (sustaining members and Kunselling package), £14 (ordinary members), £27 (non-members). Food per day £15. A winter heating charge of £4 a day also applies

Suggested donation (this is not compulsory): £20 per day via Paypal link or by bank transfer to Dzogchen Community UK Ltd, HSBC, International Bank Account Number (IBAN, BIC, Swift Code) GB44HBUK40020301077384, Branch Identifier Code HBUKGB4105R.
Please note what you are donating for if you use both methods.
If you are keen to take part but cannot afford the cost, please contact the organisers.

Jan Golden has been training in Tai Chi for 32 years and teaching for 25. He has learned martial Tai Chi from in China from lineage masters in the Wu, Yang and Hun Yuan styles, and was admitted as a “Tudi” or disciple to Tian Yin Jia, whose father grew up with the famous Yang family as an adopted brother who took fights for the family. Jan has also trained with western masters, and his mentor Chris Chappell, who is also a Dzogchen Community member, is an unsung genius.

Jan has degrees in Chinese Medicine, English Literature and Plant Science. He focuses on fundamentals of structure, posture, diaphragmatic breathing and cultivating deep relaxation to enable the student to learn one of the secrets of the Yang Family; the Snake Form, where all movement is initiated via spinal core movements. The cumulative progression of his 6 Level Tai Chi method creates a very powerful back, hips and legs and loose arms that can manifest whole body power for any situation, from moving furniture, gardening to just walking. Not getting injured as we age is very important and Jan’s method has worked on himself, as he nears the suburbs of 60 stronger and more flexible than he was in his 30s.

Open to anyone, all ages.

Organizer: Red Lau  – red.lau@dzogchencommunityuk.org

Warm wishes
Red Lau


  1. Red Sun 7 January 2024 at 14:37

    Where did you get this picture? who is the tai chi person?

  2. Carel Sun 7 January 2024 at 14:46

    it is the great man himself: Jan Golden. I can rember exactly where I got it from, the Tai Chi Ireland Facebook group probably.

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