From the editor

Ruminations of a grumpy old net head

For information on what goes on in the Dzogchen Community we have grown to rely on social media and newsletters. Although these can be very pleasant and effective, there are also a number of important drawbacks. Firstly, the sheer volume makes the information difficult to digest. We are likely to suffer from Dzogchen information fatigue. Secondly, this type of information is volatile. Do you remember the date of the event, if you have not put it in your diary? Do you get frustrated when you cannot find that Zoom code when the event is already starting? Thirdly, as a consequence, those who organise and publicise events regularly get inundated with unnecessary questions, which have just been answered in those very social media posts and newsletters. Finally, the scope of this information is largely restricted to events for those who have already found their way to Dzogchen. Five years after Rinpoche has left our dimension, it is time to look outside. The community is receiving new members, and the membership has stabilised.

The International Dzogchen Community UK website aims to address these issues and complement social media and email. The homepage provides clear information for the general public about who we are and what we do, and an invitation to come to us and find out. There is an events calendar which is being kept up to date and includes all known events up to September 2024, even when in many cases the events remain to be confirmed. The is a news menu which has a link to the latest newsletter. The website has been comprehensively updated. The trusted content is still there, but through improvements in typography, layout, and graphical design it is easier and more pleasant to navigate, read and watch. Old treasures have been unearthed in the Dzog Blog. Two new slideshows have been added with Rinpoche and Kunselling pictures.

Please come and have a look around. The website is created by and for the community.  Let me know what you like and don’t like, what errors you have spotted, what is missing, anything. We also need the community to contribute content. Bring the Dzog Blog to life again!  Individuals will be approached to review and update information in specific areas. We have formed a small working group to look into the information for newcomers.

Carel van Oldenbeek

17 December 2023