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Qi Gong Day with Jan Golden

Dear Vajra Family & Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to a one day workshop
with Jan Golden at Lekdanling.

Sunday 26th May

1st session 10.30 – 12.30
2nd session 1.30 – 2.30 pm

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

is a single-move medical-grade qi gong that brings tremendous relief and benefit to the neck and upper back. Prior to initiation of the arm and head movement sequence, Jan will instruct in the correct postural preparation in order to maximise benefit. If you suffer from any debilitating cervical vertebrae or disk degeneration, please make this known in advance.
A secondary move called Bend The Bow will then be taught if there is time, that is based on this first qi gong. Besides helping relieve neck and upper back construction, both qi gongs promote joint hydration, which is the only way joints get nutrition and oxygen via passive and active diffusion. In other words, the qi gong motion acts like a hydraulic pump for the joints. An active life moving all day will have the same benefit, but city life precludes this for many people. This qi gong, with its essential and critical preparatory postural prerequisite, can greatly alleviate sedentary chronic afflictions and remould the fascia so that standard daily movements also become more unified, graceful and powerful.

No experience required, all welcome.

To take part in the session please contact Jowita Niedzielska via email.

Suggested donation:

£30 for both sessions and £15 for one.

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Jan Golden

has been training in Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 32 years and has been teaching for 25 years in Dublin and abroad. He has learned martial Tai Chi and healing Qi Gong in China and the West from recognised lineage masters. Trained in Chinese Medicine, he was also admitted as a “Tudi” or disciple to Grandmaster Tian Yin Jia, whose father grew up in the famous Yang tai chi family as an adopted brother. Jan has also trained with western masters, and would be still bamboozled without his friend, training partner and mentor Chris Chappell of Real Taoism.

Jan has degrees in Chinese Medicine, English Literature and Plant Science. He focuses on fundamentals of structure, posture, diaphragmatic breathing and cultivating deep relaxation to enable the student to learn to move from the spine within a still, quiescent matrix of Intention and Presence that auto-corrects and releases tension due to active feedback, producing smooth, controlled, powerful motion that can be tested easily for connection and coherence. The cumulative progression of this method creates a very elastic and graceful body overseen by a mind that learns to switch into clarity and presence rapidly and that can manifest whole body power for any situation, from moving furniture, gardening to just walking. Not getting injured, manifesting Qi Gong or Tai Chi in one’s quotidian, normal activities is the goal, as well, of course, having a set routine that one practices for pleasure.

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Best wishes,
UK Gakyil

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