Qi Gong with Jan Golden

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Qi Gong with Jan Golden

Still Standing: Qi Gong Meditation in Motion & at Rest

Qi Gong Meditation with Jan Golden at Lekdanling

Saturday 13 January 10:30 to12:30 and  13:30 t0 15:00

Suggested donation for both sessions: £30. One session: £15. Payment on site

To take part in the session at Lekdanling, please contact Jowita Niedzielska. 

Drawing upon 30 years experience, Master Instructor Jan Golden will guide participants to a static equilibrium in a dynamic posture where all the elements support each other in a space of tension integrity. From this ground, somatic awareness can proceed, via arterial sensing, accompanied by diaphragmatic breathing, joint pulsing, and abdication of often tense arm holding from the shoulder to the back. This is an excellent method to root the mind. Breathing is like kumbhaka, but simultaneous, not in steps. Together, this gentle but powerful practice forms a coherent matrix for bodywork, movement practices, meditation and just living every day with awareness, as our great Master exhorted us to do.
No experience required. Suitable for all ages over 12.

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