Retreat with Igor Berkhin and John Renshaw

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Retreat with Igor Berkhin and John Renshaw

Retreat with Igor Berkhin and John Renshaw

Dear Vajra Family and Friends!

We are delighted to announce this retreat, combining SMS Base and Yantra Yoga, this summer Saturday 27th July (3pm) to Thursday 1st August (1pm)


The secret rushen of body, voice, and mind, and
the pranayama of the secret breathing for directing prana into the central channel.


  1. Having completed a course on Kumbhaka with a qualified Yantra Yoga teacher, or
    having trained in Yantra Yoga with a qualified teacher and progressed to at least the 1st and 2nd pranayamas.
  2. Current member of the International Dzogchen Community
  3. Having attended a retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or with Yeshi Silvano Namkhai
  4. Full time participation, no coming and going.


Please make a £30 deposit (nonrefundable) before the retreat to reserve your place

Teaching: Suggested donation £30/day (not included below)

Prices below include accommodation and food

House/cabin (ordinary members) £170
House/cabin (sustaining members/KSL package) £160
Caravan £150
Camping £125


Payment reference: KSL27.7.2024

It is essential to include this reference, so that we can trace how much and for what you are paying. If paying by PayPal, this information has to be entered on the final page, the one with the “donate now” button at the bottom.

Payment methods

Bank transfer:
Dzogchen Community, HSBC, 40-02-03, 01077384,
International Bank Account Number(IBAN)
Branch Identifier Code (BIC/SWIFT) HBUKGB4105R

or PayPal


Please fill out this form

Please direct any enquires to Rajan Darbar

Best wishes,
UK Gakyil.

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