Shitro for Emma Mulholland

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Shitro for Emma Mulholland

Shitro for Emma Mulholland

We will do Shitro for Emma at 8.30pm UK time on 9th May and for the following 6 Thursdays at the same time.

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Topic: Shitro for Emma Mulholland
Time: May 9, 2024 08:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 837 1677 4515
Passcode: 945342

Emma Mulholland died peacefully from cancer that had spread to her brain. She had been ill for the past few years but chose alternative medicine over western medicine, so it was not discovered until February of this year. She died at home, surrounded by close friends and her partner River. He has taken it very hard, and your prayers are appreciated at this time. She died on Thursday 2/5/2024 around 4:30 pm. If you want to do Xitro practice for her, it would be much appreciated.

Emma was a member of the Dzogchen Community in the early years from the early 1980’s to about 2008 when she decided, with River, to move to Portugal and follow her dream of living off grid. Her root guru, she always said, was Thinley Norbu, but she certainly felt a strong connection to Namkhai Norbu as well. When she had her son Jigme in the early 1980’s the Dzogchen community was quite supportive of her, which was great, because our parents were not so supportive, and she had quite a hard time raising him on her own.

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