Tibetan Calligraphy Workshop with Tashi Mannox

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Tibetan Calligraphy Workshop with Tashi Mannox

Tibetan Calligraphy Workshop with Tashi Mannox

Where: Kunselling, the beautiful retreat centre of the UK Dzogchen Community, near Brecon and Hay-on-Wye in mid-Wales

When: Saturday April 13th 2024, 10am to 6pm

Cost: £60 for the workshop

Accommodation: £27 a night for non-members, £14 and £12 for members

Food: £5 for breakfast, £7 for lunch and £7 for supper

The UK Dzogchen Community is pleased to host a one-day Tibetan Calligraphy Workshop with artist and master craftsman Tashi Mannox.

This is a rare opportunity to study and practise this ancient art form with one of its foremost exponents.

Tashi Mannox has exhibited and lectured in museums and universities around the world. His work has been commissioned by some of the leading Tibetan Buddhist lamas. He was given the title of Ambassador of Bhutanese Calligraphy by Bhutanese lamas. He is the author of Sacred Scripts, endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Tashi is a former monk at the Samye Ling monastery in Scotland, where he completed the traditional three-year retreat.

In the workshop, Tashi will begin by teaching the correct meditative approach required for this sacred art. He will train participants in reproducing the precise proportions of the letters of the Tibetan alphabet. This gentle discipline is the foundation for correctly visualizing and forming the seed syllables and mantras of the Tibetan Buddhist deities. In this Dzogchen setting, Tashi will also explore the primordial letter A. The day will end with a calligraphy art demonstration.

To learn more about Tashi Mannox and his art, see his website.

He has been interviewed on film by Wisdom Dharma Chats.

and in print by The Mirror.

For enquiries please contact the organizer.

For booking, please fill out the Google form.

There will be a limit of 12 participants at this workshop. Places will only be guaranteed by paying the full fee of £60 up front.

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