Yantra Yoga with John Renshaw

Yantra Yoga with John Renshaw

The UK Gakyil is delighted to host monthly Yantra Yoga sessions with John Renshow in our beautiful centre Lekdanling!

Everyone is welcome no previous experience is required.

There will be 2 sessions this day:

10:00am to 11:30pm
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Cash payment on the basis of generosity.

We ask you to register as we have limited space.
To register please contact Ewa via email or phone 07765287248

Body speech and mind.

Join us in dynamic movements and stillness, a subtle journey from the mat to the cushion (outer to inner) a path towards integrated presence.


We will use yantra yoga and yantra principles  to prepare and open the body up in the most appropriate ways  to support  relaxation and alignment. Students who may find some movements and positions difficult, we will modify or use easier positions and movements to help introduce the experience clearly for the required internal structures related to the different types of breathing and holds. There will be lots of opportunity to clarify any doubts related to the experiences and deepen one’s understanding and application of the practice.


We will  use breathwork, pranayama ,sounding our voice, external sound to work more with our energy.


We will intertwine short sessions of movement with breathing and stillness, mainly focusing on (shine ), fixation on an object, to help find a calm state, re-educate and control our mind.

Total Relaxation

We will journey in stillness, the process of letting go to discover  (Nalwab) total relaxation of all our tensions  of body speech and mind in their  natural and authentic condition.

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