For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.

       Sanskrit proverb


Marco Baseggio led a workshop on Harmonious Breathing at the London Centre of the UK Dzogchen Community, Lekdanling. Marco has been studying and teaching Yantra Yoga for more than 20 years and is also a qualified Harmonious Breathing instructor. He currently teaches it alongside Yantra Yoga in his hometown Venice, Italy.

During the course we became familiar with the correct way of breathing, which is the fundamental means to feel relaxed and stable in everyday life. We learnt and applied several methods and techniques to harmonise, reshape and train our breathing so that it becomes smoother, more fluid and relaxed.

The opportunity to practice breathing was absolutely fulfilling. Breath is essential to life. It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we leave this world. In between, we take about half a billion breaths. What we may not realise is that the mind, body, and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other. Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts and our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath. Learning to breathe consciously and with awareness is a valuable tool in helping to restore balance both in the mind and body.

Marco showed us lots of different techniques of Harmonious Breathing in a very calm, professional way. It was very easy to understand what he meant us to do and to apply it.

Correct breathing techniques replicate the breathing rhythms found when people are relaxed and contented, and the mind recognises these cues and becomes calmer and more grounded as a result.

Harmonious Breathing fully engages all the parts of the body involved in the breathing process, from the diaphragm to the back muscles. It gently exercises these muscles, flushes out the lymphatic system, and improves the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide taken in by the lungs.

A regular daily practice of Harmonious Breathing is one of the best tools for improving your health and well-being. By training your body with a regular practice of deep breathing, you will begin to breathe more effectively even without concentrating on it.

Well, another successful event and another occasion to meet interesting people. We are very lucky to have Lekdanling, a place where we can learn, develop ourselves and meet together. Thank you, Marco, thank you, Rinpoche.