At our Annual General Meeting this year in early November there was an enquiry as to the details of the UK Dzogchen Community’s relationship with the International Gakyil of the Dzogchen Community.

As a Member of the Blue Gakyil and therefore leading on communication, I set about researching what is the up-to-date situation.

Several weeks ago I enquired of the International Blue Gakyil if someone could write a short piece for our blog just outlining their idea of the fundamentals of the relationship.  I was told that a named member of the Gakyil would shortly be in touch but that they had some personal issues at present.  I have heard nothing at all despite some promptings on my part.  I am sure they are very busy and we all have periods in our lives when non-urgent email requests get sidelined.

In the meantime I would refer anyone who is interested to the website

where there is a wealth of information about the International Dzogchen Community Gakyil.  In the absence of any very recent postings I will continue to pursue this matter but felt that a ‘report back’ to our membership on the state of play was appropriate.

Jane Weston (UK Blue Gakyil)