This is a brief outline of the relationship of the UK Dzogchen Community’s Gakyil with the International Gakyil of the International Dzogchen Community.

The International Gakyil is intended to support and encourage the activities of local Gakyils that take responsibility for the International Dzogchen Community. Providing oversight and connection between the many Lings and Gars collaborating  within the Global Sangha of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, the International Gakyil is not a “top down” governing body, but a resource for legal, financial, and procedural networks that comprise Rinpoche’s vision of a non-hierarchical, international  organisation in the service of the Dzogchen Teachings. The Gakyil of the UK Dzogchen Community is an Operational Non-Profit Board in charge of organizing the Community that Rinpoche has established in the UK over many years, so it is an important part of the International Dzogchen Community. The International Gakyil is a Non-Profit Advisory Board that helps to manage and co-ordinate the operations of all local Gakyils with the evolution of the whole body of IDC Membership throughout the Globe.

Colin Ellar of the UK Gakyil recently attended the meeting of the International Gakyil in Dzamlingar along with Julia Lawless of the SS Institute UK and many other members. Colin said:


I think the IDC would like us to finish whatever we need to do to complete our legal affiliation. Some places around the world have difficulties in doing this due to the local laws and culture. I think we, in the UK, are nearly there but it would be good to complete what is needed.

If members have any specific questions they wish to put to Scott Diamond about the relationship please send them to