Barry Patterson, Dzog Blog Moderator

Greetings everyone, I am Barry Patterson the new moderator of the Dzog Blog & new Blue Gakyil member.

First of all, what a great channel & source for inspiration, news & ideas this blog has become under the guidance & moderation of Jane Weston. She has worked hard & has put a lot of time & love into making this place such a special outlet, nay, meeting place for the many voices which may be heard in our community. Many thanks & much praise to her for a great job, well done. I hope that I will be a worthy successor.

I first met Rinpoche in a church hall in South Wales in 1989 & I’m not sure I can put into words right now what that was like or how it has transformed my life. This is my third time serving on the Gakyil; I’ve been both Red & Blue before, back in the early ’90s. I also created & maintained our first ever Dzogchen Community Uk web page & email groups as well as editing & printing a bimonthly newsletter, so I’m no stranger to this kind of role. That said, I’m not that experienced with WordPress, so If I make a booboo please bear with me!

I’m a muscian, storyteller & poet & I really want to encourage creative contributions to the Dzog Blog; you’d better watch out because if I don’t see much you’ll get some of mine!

If you have an idea for something & want to talk about it, give me a shout! Or if there is anything that you’d like to see here please get in touch with me about that too.

Barry Patterson