Jane Weston is stepping down from the Gakyil at the next AGM and we need someone to replace her on Blue.  The following Job Description outlines what she has been doing for the last three years but of course there is room for flexibility to reflect the skills any new person could bring to Blue so it is just for guidance.

Blue Gakyil Job Description


Blog Editor


The DzogBlog is now the main outlet for articles for and about the Dzogchen Community in the UK.

Commission content from Community Members and encourage participation. Liaise with Mirror staff who often want suggestions and contributions for the Mirror.  Moderate, edit and proof read all content for the Blog.  Post on the website.  Source relevant images from contributors and wider sources.  Alert the UK Community about posts on the Blog via UKDzogcom and the International Community via Norbunet. Co-operate with the Blog Master who controls the technical aspects of the Blog.

Skills required: accurate proof reading of English for spelling, grammar and idiom. Persistence and enthusiasm in seeking out contributions and encouraging participation.

Web Editor


Responsible for the editorial content of the Website.  Update and add to the website of the UK Community as necessary.  Liaise with the Web Master who controls the technical side of the website to ensure a high quality product.Liaise with the Yellow Gakyil and Membership Secretary on the membership and costing parts of the website.

Skills required: ability to write clearly, accurately and concisely in English.  Sure grasp of concepts of Dzogchen. Knowledge of the activities of the UK Community and its members. Accurate proof reading of English for spelling, grammar and idiom. Communicate clearly and co-operate with technical Webmaster and Yellow Gakyil where necessary.

General Communications


Responsible for proof reading all written material for Community consumption whether it is on the Blog, Website or in the Newsletter.  Final responsibility for literary standards and highest quality of written English throughout.

Skills required: advanced reading, writing and editing skills in English.  This role requires the level of ability of an English native speaker with excellent literary skills (the candidate does not have to have English as their first language but does need to have comparable skills and abilities to those of someone who does).  This is essential as you will be helping and editing writers, who are not native speakers, to present work at the highest level of English competence.

Course Organiser

Organise courses for the Community in Lekdanling and Kunselling. While it is not alwaysnecessary to attend these courses in person all the time, if not actually physically present, the Organiser must liaise very closely with members to whom she has delegated organisation on the ground.  This can involve close co-operation with members of the Red Gakyil for practical matters and Yellow Gakyil for financial control.  Costing of courses and financial planning. Liaising with cooks and overseeing Health and Safety requirements at Kunselling. Advance planning of food shopping.  Course evaluation forms to be administered.

Skills required: ability to plan ahead.  Attention to detail.  Ability to put together text for advertising courses well in advance and liaise with Newsletter Editor.  Basic spreadsheet management and financial reporting and control.  Tact and patience in dealing with course participants. Firmness and tact in dealing with difficult ‘customers’ on residential courses and co-ordinating people to assume group responsibility for karma yoga required to make a group retreat work. Liaising with teachers and instructors to implement their wishes vis a vis course schedules and arrangements and to look after their wellbeing. Responsibility and duty of care towards residential course participants.


Training and guidance for new course organisers 

Course Organisation is quite complex and can involve liaising a long time in advance with International teachers, recruiting helpers and cooks and pulling everything concerning a course together.  You can be booking international air flights, putting together publicity and answering queries from would be course participants.

Skills required: identify new course organisers and give guidance.

Internal Gakyil communications and recruitment.


Preparing publicity and job descriptions for new Gakyil recruitment and identifying possible candidates.  Answering queries. Organising occasional awaydays where Gakyil members can discuss long term strategy rather than short term management of the Community and identify potential risks and develop new policy.

Skills required: ability to work in a group. Ability to raise controversial topics and co-operate and collaborate with all Gakyil members to arrive at solutions to difficult problems.  Ability to speak up but also to listen.  Preparedness to attend Gakyil meetings regularly either in person or by electronic methods.  Preparedness to follow email discussions and contribute to areas which are not in the immediate remit of the Blue Gakyil.