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This is the home of the Dzogchen Community UK’s Blog: This is your space.  If you, the membership of the Dzogchen Community, do not write anything, we will all be staring at a blank page which may be good for emptiness practice but not good for communicating with each other on the relative level 

So come on everyone – lets dig deep and write about our experiences – on retreat, in a cave, in a bus, at Merigar, at Dzamlingar, at Lekdanling and Kunselling, in China, in Mexico, in India or Tibet or even Surbiton, Penge, Foggy Bottom, Wolverhampton or Wick. Anywhere members of the Community are pursuing their spiritual aims.

We could have poems, recipes or photographs, or a short extract from that amazing autobiographical expose you are writing about your inner adventures as a young practitioner in your Dad’s garden shed back in the ‘60s …

The brief is simple:

  1. Your writing must relate, however tenuously, to practice in the Dzogchen Community under the guidance of our Precious Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.
  2. It cannot be too short. It must not be too long – over a 1000 words has to be very special to hold the attention of a Millennial, I am told.
  3. With compassion and wisdom as the bottom line, you can be as serious or as funny as you like.

This will be the main publishing outlet for the Community in the future and the Gakyil are anxious that everyone should have access to it.  We will be contacting the handful of people without email addresses to offer them a printed extract of the Best of the Blog on an annual basis.  If you know of any member in this position please alert us.

The Dzog Blog is moderated by Jane Weston.

Please send your ideas articles and questions to Jane.

1812, 2017

Harmonious Breathing Course by Ewa Michalec

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“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.”   Sanskrit proverb   Marco Baseggio led a workshop on Harmonious Breathing at the London Centre of the UK Dzogchen Community, Lekdanling. Marco has been studying and teaching Yantra Yoga for more than 20 years [...]

1312, 2017

Update on Relationship with the IDC

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At our Annual General Meeting this year in early November there was an enquiry as to the details of the UK Dzogchen Community's relationship with the International Gakyil of the Dzogchen Community. As a Member of the Blue Gakyil and therefore leading on communication, I set about researching what [...]

1312, 2017

Mandarava in Baja – Part Three

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At Tsegyalgar West, apart from my usual schedule, or rather my unusual non-schedule, there were some meditational highlights that took place in special places on the land. The first of these was the look-out rock which is situated directly above the Gonpa of the Gar. You can climb up [...]

3011, 2017

Mandarava in Baja – Part Two

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Driving up the rutted approach track to the Gar, looking across a ravine, you can make out many small casitas scattered through the greenery.   The casitas are a few yards apart and consist of one large room. One side is a glass wall and sliding doors open [...]